When I grow up

As a child all I ever wanted to be was a writer, more accurately a novelist. I cannot say that as a young adult I would not mind taking that career path. For most of my life I have loved writing.

Through my teenage years I wrote a lot and as I went on I could see a voice forming. I began with the not unusual awful poetry that ended up on deviant art. As a fan of Twilight (awful I know) I discovered the wonderful world of fanfiction and as many of these writers do I ended up writing smut.

After my first year of University I started a blog that I filled with not as awful poetry, some it wasn’t bad at all. Though as many blogs have it petered out. I now stand at the point where the only writing I have done in the past two years has been towards my bachelor degree. Doing film studies I ended up really enjoying screen writing. As my degree went on I developed my own life in a small welsh town with pretty much something important to do every day of the week. With all of the society obligations and volunteering I found little time or inspiration for writing.

Here I am, two years since I’ve done any independent creative writing and realising that with the masters I plan to do I will probably end up with a job I hate. One that pays well, is reasonable hours and incredibly consistent but still not what I really want. The thing about being a writer, it’s not the easiest way to have a stable income. When you don’t want to live at home and rely on your parent’s income it’s hard to view it as a viable option.

So in many ways this blog is a small way of rectifying that. Giving me the chance to write but also able to continue living my life and not be dependent on the finances of others.

When I grow up

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